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Technology is both our friend and our foe.

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Technology is both our friend and our foe. It provides a gateway to a myriad of possibilities. That gateway does, however, leave us open to security threats. This is especially true for businesses that have to handle sensitive customer information. Afrimbatha is committed to providing cost effective IT security advisory and consultation services to small, medium, and micro enterprises in the private and public sectors.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM centers on one principle: letting the right people access information.

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Security Operations Centre (SOC)

The consultation services we provide will help you build an efficient SOC in your building.

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All of your computers should be equipped with the latest antivirus software We know the best antivirus

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Secure Web Gateway

It’s difficult to completely control usage of all of the computer systems in your network

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Walls have often been built as means of fortification. A firewall is essentially an electronic wall

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Encryption ensures that only authorized individuals are able to access information. There are

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Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention ensures that your employees don’t send sensitive information outside the company.

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Penetration Testing

Are you having issues with your IT network? Our team of experts will utilize penetration testing

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At Afrimbatha, we offer these information security options that enable companies to minimize risk and ensure business continuity. Contact us today and schedule an appointment. You can also visit us at our office at 761 Leogem Street, Noordwyk. We’re here to meet your Information Security needs.